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16/01/27 Lanzhou Mount Daqing market garlic price stabil..   According to the results of Lanzhou Daqingshan market monitoring : last week the market sales monitoring 67 kinds of vegetables, news China garlic net (www.cndasuan.com), the a..[Read More]
16/01/27 Jinxiang garlic prices rose for the first time ..   Network of Chinese garlic www.cndasuan.com hearing, Jinxiang garlic international trading market last week (January 2016 18 - 24) the average wholesale price of fresh garlic is ..[Read More]
16/01/26 Garlic shortages led to the rise of by-products   Network of Chinese garlic www.cndasuan.com hearing by the dual effects of cold weather, as year-end approaches such as, Lijin garlic prices showed high prices, garlic price rank..[Read More]
16/01/25 Huantai garlic prices rose 25%   China garlic network (www.cndasuan.com) hearing, according to the monitoring, in January 20th, Huantai county market price of 6 yuan garlic / kg, 5.5 yuan before the half month ..[Read More]
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  Network of Chinese garlic www.cndasuan.com hearing, Jinxiang garlic internati..
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